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Ballet of light

Aggiornamento: 23 dic 2019

And here I am, I find myself inside one of the many installations present at the Fuori Salone, an international avant-garde design event that takes place in Milan every April. I sit down, I look for the most comfortable position to be able to take the best shots, without knowing what is about to begin.

I set my camera to the maximum aperture and ISO considering the conditions of almost total absence of light in which I find myself. And it all begins. After a play of light and movement composed of spotlights and large vertical robotized panels that move imposingly, she unexpectedly appears, a magnificent evanescent dancer, dressed in white. From that moment her dance starts, accompanied by loud and redundant music and the movements of the robots and the lights that surround it. I find myself immersed for a few minutes in a parallel, futuristic reality. And then everything ceases, slowly.

And she disappears in the dark.

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