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Aggiornamento: 23 gen 2021

02 07 2018

I was born in Milan, 1976.

Always passionate about photography, I discover Street Photography by chance.

Since then I have not stopped.

I find that the female figure is relevant in the genre Street, always manages to capture my attention during my photographic releases, for this reason I decided to develop this project. My intent is to emphasize the delicacy and sweetness that femininity can give to those instantaneous, stealthy and spontaneous shots that only Street Photography can show.

The locations of the shots cover the city center of Milan, museums, exhibitions, up to the bathing areas, from the lake to the sea, all in Italy.

"Street in pink" expresses my way of attributing grace and sensitivity to ordinary moments of life that happen in our everyday life but that escape, if not captured and frozen.

My first solo exhibit just opened and I feel so honoured and grateful.

STREET IN PINK - from 02nd till 14th July 2018 - via Laghetto, 2 - Milan

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